8 Core 16 Thread Nehalem-EX…aka Intel’s 8 core CPU

If Battlefield Bad Co 2 is talking longer to load than u would like, then there is hope for u if money is not an object.  My newly acquired Quad core AMD Phenom II does the trick, but this will give u the advantage in the fight to dominate noobs on an epic scale, and at a steep price.  The new Xeon 7500 processor series released yesterday by Intel upped the game of the leading chip maker in the world.  Systems are able to add up to 256 chips for each server for a combined mind boggling 2,048 cores and 4,098 threads.  This Xeon series will be the first of its kind to process (MCA) Machine Check Architecture Recovery, which allows the silicon to become integrated with the OS and virtual machine manager to allow the system to recover from otherwise deadly errors.  Now what is “a steep price”?  Well: Hexacore X7542 starts at $1,980 and the Octacore X7560 at $3,692.  Yea…

Vice President of Intel architecture group and GM of Intel’s data center group Kirk Skaugen states, “The Xeon 7500 brings mission critical capabilities to the mainstream by delivering the most significant leap in performance, scalability and reliability ever seen from Intel.  This combination will help users push to new levels of productivity, and accelerate the industry’s migration away from proprietary architectures. We are democratizing high-end computing.”  Now give us a processor that rocks this hard that is actually affordable for “regular ppl”, please…

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