Game Development and Piracy

Tom’s Hardware recently gave a list of the top 10 most costly games that have been developed to date, here’s the list and costs… ohh and how much their respective companies have made last year which was not noted in Tom’s review but just as important to give a clear (well, not really clear, but at least a better picture) of what is really going on in the industry.  And see for yourself if these companies (not all) bitching and moaning about pirating is really hurting them, Damn, I can’t even fathom a billion dollars, greedy bastards.

10. Killzone 2 ($45 million) PS3 Only

Published by Sony Computer Entertainment      2008 Revenue   10.746 Billion

09. Final Fantasy XII ($48 million) PS2 PS3

Published by Square Enix                                 2009 Revenue              1.46 Billion

08. LA Noire ($50 million) Release set for September 2010

Published by Rockstar Games (subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive)

2009 Revenue              968 Million

07. APB ($50 million) Release set for 2010

Published by EA Games                                    2009 Revenue             4.2 Billion

06. Halo 3 ($55 million)

Published by Microsoft                                      2009 Revenue              58.437 Billion

05. Metal Gear Solid 4 ($60 million)

Published by Konami                                         2009 Revenue              3.24 Billion

04. Too Human ($60+ million)

Published by Microsoft Game Studios                2009 Revenue       58.437 Billion

03. Shenmue ($70 million) Dreamcast

Published by Sega                                            2009 Revenue              1.64 Billion

02. Gran Turismo 5 ($80 million)

Published by Sony Computer Entertainment      2009 Revenue    10.746 Billion

01. Grand Theft Auto 4 ($100 million)

Published by Rockstar Games (subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive)

2009 Revenue              968 Million

Tayb from Tom’s Hardware makes a point I can relate to , “Grand Theft Auto IV had over $500 million in revenue after just one week of being on sale. Halo 3 had $174 million in revenue 24 hours after hitting the streets. Am I supposed to be sympathetic because of high development costs when these companies are making triple their investment in the first 24 hours of release? I understand that not all of the revenue goes to the developers but even if just 20% of it goes back to the developers GTA4 was raking in pure profit after week 1.”

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