Google Chrome = Only Hack Proof Browser

We are the champions…of the world.  This hack proof status may be for a similar reason ppl think that the MAC is immune to virus… like the MAC, Google Chrome is one of the least used products in its field.  But these guys have had over a year to regain their pride after failing to hack Google Chrome last year at the Pwn2Own competition.  So for 2 years in a row Google Chrome is the only web browser that stood up to their mischievous attempts at intrusion.  I have been using Chrome for over a year now and am happy with everything Chrome has to offer.  It has been tested for speed and security, and has come out on top of its competitors every time (Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Safari *Opera not tested at Pwn2Own*).  The only complaint I have with Chrome is that it tends to show lots of random text when trying to subscribe to a sites RSS Feed, where as IE 8 or Firefox will show an easy to use interface that allows user to simply follow a feed, there may be an easy fix for this one, but it is my only real complaint with the Browser, other than that, fast and safe, hard to beat : )

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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