OnLive Game Service will crash and burn!!!!!!

OnLive Gamer Service for PC and Mac this June.  Well, probably they will have a decent ad campaign and generate enough interest to get subscribers and actually make money.  I just think that a service that offers only game demos and videos of others playing an upcoming game is far from what real gamers are looking for.  Yea if I was 12 and cried to my dad to get me a OnLive subscription cuz my dumb school buddy’s mom got it for him, with the promise I would only play demos and not keep asking for a $60.00 game every other month, then end up getting bored and getting full games anyway (longest sentence ever) I would use my dad’s credit card and get this service for about $15.00 a month.  But since I’m an adult and like to play full length games and always got bored watching my friend play a game at his house (wanted to play too : ) I cannot see that this will appeal to ppl that would be loyal long term gaming customers.  But I can’t blame them for trying to make a buck, wish OnLive Game Service the best of luck, but I would much rather have GameFly deliver an actual game to my house 2x a month for @ the same price a month.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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