PlayStation Move OVER Wii

PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s upcoming Project Natal both coming out this fall/winter will put a damper on Wii sales and attraction…  Poor Wii with its crapy graphics and low hardcore gamer appeal.  This new system for Sony is supposed to be pushed and advertised as heavily as a new console would be, I’m sure Microsoft will not go easy on their advertising of their upcoming Project Natal either. 

Should be interesting to see how they approach their marketing campaigns.  I don’t know any gamers that would choose to play on the Wii if given the choice, and I don’t know what kind of appeal the Wii will have to ppl after these technologies come out from Microsoft and Sony.  Even though I don’t personally care for the Wii, it would be a little sad if it did die off, hopefully they can do something to make themselves stand out, and not be overcome by the appeal of the new Move and Project Natal.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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