Xbox 360 and USB Storage

A match made in heaven?  Do find that u have downloaded too many games to ur 360 hard drive?  Or find that u have to go back and delete some of ur saves from ur favorite games u owned in the past?  If u are in this situation, ur life may become a lot easier, meaning that u may be able to leave ur current 360 hard drive just like it is, cluttered and crowed, and still be able to save files and maps for ur favorite games.  USB devices from 512MG to 16GB of dirty cheap storage will be available for 360 gamers worldwide.  The cap of 16GB will be in place to help protect the nice profit Microsoft makes from hard drive sales alone.  With a 360 hard drive of 60GB running users @ 100.00, this will be a cheap option for gamers to keep buying and saving new games/maps/demos/videos to a local storage device…wonder if a cloud service will be offered my Microsoft in order for ppl with Xbox Live to store files with their servers if they want to…

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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  1. […] storage option that will be allowed for all Xbox 360’s that I wrote about on the 19th of March is now confirmed by Microsoft as of yesterday.  April 6th is the date to note, the date u will be […]