Ireland to implement 3-strike rule for Online Pirates

So much file sharing/online piracy stuff going on not only in the States but in other countries too.  I know that France has a similar law that they force ISP’s to implement.  Basically if you are caught downloading copyrighted material 3x, your internet connection will be terminated against your will.  This is such a shit idea.  1st, why would any government in the world give that kind of power to an ISP?  And if a federal government decides to implement something like this and does not want an ISP to “regulate” the flow of traffic across their lines, then will that government hire more employees, erect more building while through the whole process using tax-payers (our) money in the attempt to block file sharing in a whole country?  Good luck.

The Irish judge decided that copyright was a “human right” of the creator.  There are no plans for full fledged implementation in Ireland for this type of policy that can be traced directly back to the MMPA and RIAA.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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