Life after Infinity Ward…Respawn Entertainment

What a sweet name, lol.  The geniuses that helped make basically one of the coolest and best selling games of all time, MW2, and were then later shafted by Activision, have died.  But like all good gamers know, gaming is not real life, and there is always a respawn if you want to keep on playing : )  Did I mention the name Respawn Entertainment kicks ass.  Anyway, this new development team formed by former Infinity Ward leaders Jason West and Vince Zampella will no doubt bring the hits like they have always done.  9 of the total 13 that have left Infinity Ward are now currently on board with Respawn Entertainment:

  1. Jason West
  2. Vince Zampella
  3. animator Mark Grigsby
  4. animator Paul Messerly
  5. designer Todd Alderman
  6. designer Mackey McCandlish
  7. programmer Rayme Vinson
  8. programmer Jon Shring
  9. artist Chris Cherubini

Good luck and God Speed!!

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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