Was your Xbox 360 Banned by Microsoft?

Well if it was and the reason was because you were modifying it to cheat, then I have a question.  How does the long arm of Microsoft’s law feel shoved up your a**?

If you were banned because you wanted to play ripped games or other less obnoxious reason that to hack, then here is how you can recover the use of your 360 HHD.  With the recent update from Microsoft allowing USB devices to supplement the HHD on your 360, there is now a way to use your HHD once again and save games to your 360.  Microsoft has not said anything about this yet, but I’m sure they will address this sometime.  Anyway here are the steps to bring your 360 back to life according to NGOHQ if you haven’t already bought a new one already:

1. Download Xbox 360 April 2010 System Update.
2. Extract it to a root directory of an empty USB flash drive (FAT32) or burn it onto an optical media device (CD/DVD).
3. Turn off the Xbox 360.
4. Remove the hard drive from the Xbox 360 completely.
5. Insert the USB flash drive/optical media into the Xbox 360 and turn it off again.
6. Power up the Xbox 360 and follow the instructions on system update screen.
7. After system update finishes, turn the Xbox 360 on and off at least twice.
8. Turn off the Xbox 360 again.
9. Plug the hard drive back into the Xbox 360.

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Airborne Gamer
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