MW2 DLC Stats

MW2 sells 2.5 Million DLC less than 10 days after its release.  Yes they are wiping their asses with $100.00 dollar bills and enjoying every minute of it.  But does that mean that real customers were “ripped off’?  The strong consensus is yes, we were all shafted, but does it really matter?  With this many sales of the DLC that included 3 new maps and 2 “redone” maps from the past, and the cost of this DLC doubling what basically any other Downloadable Content (DLC) has ever cost before.  The bottom line is that ppl still shelled out the Microsoft Points which equal dollars to the already hugely successful company that is having many internal difficulties.

The thing is as I see it, most people that are consensus consumers that are also adult gamers would be hesitant to buy this and encourage these companies to keep raising the price on thing that are really not that special.  But money is money, and Activision gives less than a s*** about if its fair, its all about what they can get, which is basically the definition of corporate America.  Is the DLC priced fair?  No.  Is it worth it?  Well it looks like the customers have already shelled out the dinero and shouted with an overwhelming YES.  So we as gamers and members of the gaming community have poured gas on the fire that is inflated prices.

The release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 DLC for the PC and PS3 is set for the 4th of May.  As for me, I’ll stick with Bad Co. 2, its still rocking my socks off : )

FYI the Stimulus Map Pack has not even been released for PC or PS3 as of yet.  It cost 360 gamers $15, which makes about $37.5 million in about a week of its release.

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