RIAA wants Uncle Sam to B**** Slap Digital Pirates

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) are doing everything in they can think of to prevent people from downloading copyrighted material without paying for it, even if it means pissing off every movie/music/game fan on the planet.  WTF do they care, they are rich anyway.  These fat cats that think piracy is really hurting their bottom line in a way that truly hurts them finically rubs me the wrong way.  Joe Blow makes 40k a year and someone is stealing his shop materials and equipment every day, that’s going to hurt the man finically and his family in a real way.  But when a company is making billions of dollars a year, and complains about having their profits eaten up by rampant copyright infringement, then they can take a flying leap.  They are crying because their products are being promoted for free and they now have to take a 5% pay cust out of their million dollar salary?  Sorry, I don’t buy it.

In the early 1980’s the MMPA opposed the release of the VCR (videocassette recorder) on copyright grounds, even comparing it effect on the film industry to the Boston strangler, a serial killer/rapist loose in the early 1960’s that claimed 13 victims.

From the horses mouth itself, a statement released in 1996 by the MPAA, “Today’s lawsuits are part of MPAA’s international campaign against online piracy which has experienced some significant victories as of late. Last week the server facilitating one of the largest Torrent sites in the Netherlands, Dikkedonder, was shut down and on Monday, Belgian and Swiss authorities shut down Razorback2 — the number one eDonkey server in the world which facilitated the illegal file swapping by approximately 1.3 million simultaneous users. The MPAA’s strategy focuses on all levels of Internet piracy to cut off the major suppliers of illegal files and at the same time curtail facilitation of illegal file swapping by peer-to-peer networks. Approximately 75 Torrent and eDonkey sites have been shut down in the last year as a result of these efforts.”

Good job, you are a gem of an organization.

Ok, back to they way the MMPA and RIAA wants to b**** slap online pirates.  They are “encouraging” the federal government to seek out material that was obtained via a torrent client, and recover the copyrighted material.  Yea that’s right, they want the federal government to use a spyware program to go to your hard drive and delete those files.  Talk about bullshit.  Here is the full request to the United States Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (http://www.dga.org/news/pr-images/2010/Joint-submission-re-IPEC.pdf ).  Anyway here’s a taste, “There are several technologies and methods that can be used by network administrators and providers…these include [consumer] tools for managing copyright infringement from the home (based on tools used to protect consumers from viruses and malware).”

And as Tom’s Hardware sums it up, “The joint comment goes on to suggest other means of copyright enforcement including a mandatory scan on all internet connections to interdict transfers of illegal content, physical searches at all borders of personal media players, laptops, and USB sticks. There’s even an indication that the parties want to enforce international bullying to force other countries to put similar policies in place.

But there’s more. The comment said that the copyright holders want the FBI and Department of Homeland Security to fork over agents–at the taxpayer’s expense–so that they can guard the media prior to distribution.”

Be afraid, be very afraid.

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There has been email accounts hacked at the big record companies showing that they have hired 2nd party companies to take new records and make them really shitty. They are very specific on what they want, pops, buzz, tones in and out, and then they want these new modified albums uploaded to the torrent sites to deter people from downloading cause they won't know what is crappy. YET! they are then just as guilty as the everyday man for promoting D/L of files! They fight us, when really they started the problem in the first place. you'll never read this, and you'll never catch me, I am like a gost.. *knock, Knock* oh shit.. they found me...