BitTorrent CEO & the FCC

Some thoughts from BitTorrent’s CEO courtesy of tomsguide :  BitTorrent’s new protocol may help regulate bandwidth consumption by its users.  With a U.S. federal court ruling that the Federal Communications Commission has no authority to enforce its net neutrality rules, there is no actual regulator assigned to monitor broadband access. Instead, the public itself will need to fill the role according to BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker. He elaborated during the eComm conference in Burlingame, California, stating that the public will need to pass judgment on how application and service providers behave.

“There is no ambiguity,” he said (via Computerworld). “There is not going to be, at least in the near term, a strong regulator for broadband.” He went on to say that carriers don’t want to take the role of regulator simply because of the number of steps involved to play gatekeeper. “For example, if (carriers) wanted to extract a rent from Google, one of the carriers in this room is going to have to blink first and block Google,” he added.

Klinker’s comments stem from a recent case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit where the FCC tried to force Comcast from throttling BitTorrent and other file-sharing application on its network. The FCC failed in its attempt, blasted down by the the court’s ruling that it had no jurisdiction.

However Klinker’s answer to the problem lies with BitTorrent’s new Micro Transport Protocol, developed to self-throttle during high-volume hours. The new system moves BitTorrent data flow to an unused capacity on a network, allowing the more critical applications to consume the “main avenue” and maintain high performance. A good analogy is when cars pull over to allow an ambulance to zoom by.

Although MTP doesn’t prevent users from thieving pirated movies, music, games and other content, Klinker thinks this new protocol will keep BitTorrent from overloading any broadband network.

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