Wii = Sex Addiction?

In a report from Tom a woman in the UK has become addicted to sex after falling while using her Wii Fit balance board, “a woman in England is reportedly contracted a condition after suffering a fall while using her Wii Fit balance board. The Daily Star reports that 24 year-old Briton Amanda Flowers has been turned into a “sex addict” because of an injury contracted while using Wii Fit. Flowers supposedly fell when using the peripheral and, thanks to a damaged nerve, developed a condition called persistent sexual arousal syndrome.”

“This condition means that Flowers, a catering working from Manchester, is turned on by even the slightest vibrations. The Daily Star reports it can be anything from a food processor to a vibrating cell phone.”

“Amanda says each attack begins “as a twinge down below before surging through my body.” She adds, “Sometimes it built up into a trembling orgasm.””

“Flowers says there’s no cure for the disorder. “With no cure I just have to try to control my passion by breathing deeply. Hopefully one day I’ll find a superstud who can satisfy me.””

“Luckily for Amanda, I’ve enlisted the help of Nurse Google and Doctor Wikipedia who say there are some treatments that can help cure persistent sexual arousal disorder.”

“In some recorded cases, the syndrome was caused by a pelvic arterial-venous malformation with arterial branches to the penis or clitoris; surgical treatment was effective in this case. In other situations where the cause is unknown or less easily treatable, the symptoms can sometimes be reduced by the use of antidepressants, antiandrogenic agents and anaesthetising gels.”

“More recently, the symptoms of the condition have also been linked with pudendal nerve entrapment. Regional nerve blocks and less common surgical intervention have demonstrated varying degrees of success in most cases.  In one recent case, serendipitous relief of symptoms was noted from treatment with varenicline, a treatment for nicotine addiction.”

Don’t get your hopes up guys, a sex addiction caused by a Wii is no laughing matter…

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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This just in, I fell off the wagon, and now I am a drunk! Also I stubbed my toe and now am a lesbian. Once I hit my head on a rock and saw some boobies so I thought I was a squirrel! (That last one is true, you know airborne! you were there....) Best "cheat on your boyfriend story" I fell off my WII fit getting all hot and sweaty, and sexy for you baby, but then the cable guy came and I just had to have him. (you had me at hot and sexy, lost me with the last bit)