Acer and Google to make Prodigy Child

Google Chrome, Gmail,, faster, better, stronger.  I really am a fan of everything Google.  They offer the fastest most secure web browser, they have revolutionized search simplification and are the only email service that I know about that actually can recognize spam very easily.  Google will now be inserting its coolness into Acer computers and be offering their OS in June for consumers.

Let me just say this, if you use your laptop/notebook for internet, music and the occasional paper you need to write for your college professor, then expect what Google always delivers: faster….cheaper (Free OS)….longer battery life.  Need I say more?  I have a laptop, only ever use the thing sitting on the couch for internet or to listen to some music, the 4 hour battery life is lame and with the resource heavy windows OS installed, it is slower than it should be.  (I use my PC desktop for gaming of course).

As long as the reviews match the hype I am building up for the new Google Chrome OS, an Acer with Google Chrome OS installed will be my next Notebook…faster, better, stronger.   Don’t let us down Google, we’re all counting on you : )

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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