End of Call of Duty?

Thanks Crazieman for this: This just in according to Gamerpro Magazine, Their will be movie’s of Lost Planet, Uncharted Drakes Fortune (Played through 6 times.) and Mass Effect!! ( SO AWESOME!)

Also here is a little snippet about Activision.  “Activision has already stated that they see no value in an intellectual property that can’t be released on an annual basis for profitability. The company’s insistence on this model has diluted every on of the aforementioned brands to mediocrity, and the announcment of an aditional Call of Duty title in 2011, along with the Infinity Ward Planned DLC release, only shows more signs of this short sighted brand cannibalism.  It looks like Vince Zampella and Jason West were unhappy with teryarch standing on the shoulders of both their brand and their tools, and “insubordinatly” insisted on payment for the most successful gaming product of 2009. Good, Lasting and sustainable business relationships that support successful brands are fair relationships. today marks the beginning of the decline of the Call of Duty franchise.”  –  Imbarkus-via GamePro.com

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Airborne Gamer
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