Half-Life 2 Launch Trailer (For MAC)

Ohh yea, and its Half-Life 2 as well as the Orange Box are 30% off.  Orange Box a hit list of including: Half-Life 2, Episodes One and Two, Portal & Team Fortress 2.  If you just want Half-Life 2 then with the discount it will cost you $6.99.  If you want The Orange Box with the discount you’re looking at $20.99 (very cheap for good games).  Steam/Valve has got it right; they are offering rocking games at a great price.  This is the real way to discourage piracy.  Not by charging $60.00 for a game jam packed with DRM crap.

Ohh, one great point about these prices, this is just a little more than the recent map packs for MW2.  And great games : )

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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