Halo Reach Special Editions

Do you love Halo?  Would you sell your liver for full early access to Halo Reach?  Well if you answered yes to at least one of the two questions then the upcoming Halo Reach Special Edition may be for you.

The release of these special edition items will be available sometime this coming fall.  The official names of the collectors editions will be: Halo: Reach “limited” and legendary”.  Reach is set to be released on the Xbox 360 only.  The limited will cost $80.00 and included Halo: Reach and manual, an Elite armor set gamers can equip when in multiplayer mode, and an artifact bag with the personal journal of Dr. Halsey as well as other “classified documents and effects that unravel long-held secrets from the Halo universe.”

If you answered yes to the second question at the top of the page, then the Legendary edition may be for you.  It will run you $150.00 and will include everything from the special edition as well as the Noble Team statue.

If you’re a Halo fanatic, then this may very well be the cure for your sickness : )

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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