Spam your b**** off

Ever wonder where all those stupid emails you receive come from.  Well, ponder no more, it just might be a server down the street from you.  No doubt the majority of spam comes from the United States, and most likely this has something to do with the fact that for every computer/internet literate person out there that can recognize spam a mile away, there are 10 confused internet users that actually buy into spam BS.  So some people are making money off these spam techniques, the spam will stop when everyone know their dirty little techniques, so I guess sadly spam will never stop : (
FYI I don’t know what webmail all of you use, but I have found Gmail to be the best at catching spam, hands down.

Here’s the top 12 violators.

1.The United States of America   13.1%

2.India  7.3%

3.Brazil  6.8%

4.South Korea  4.8%

5.Vietnam  3.4%

6.Germany  3.2%

7.UK  3.1%

8.Russia  3.1%

9.Italy 3.1%

10.France  3.0%

11.Romania  2.5%

12.Poland  2.4%

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Airborne Gamer
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