Funny Ass Tombstones in Red Dead Redemption

Thanks to Veteran Gamers for opening our eyes to this sweet collection of tombstones in Red Dead Redemption.  Rockstar games brings the hits, and the developers of their most recent game gave even the most curious gamers something to giggle about.  Here are some tombstones from Red Dead Redemption that are funny as hell.

Rest in peace my love.  Now we will both get some.

She lived each day as if it were her last.  Especially this one.

Here Lies Byron Vickers.  Second fastest draw in New Austin.

If you are reading this I must be dead.

His Memory and syphilis will live on.

He stepped onto the track to see if the train was coming.  It was.

…A woman who spent most of her life on her back.

You should see the other fella.

Let’s just say that the above is awesome.  Thanks for making my day Rockstar : )

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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here lies fred, may he rest in piece, after loosing all his limbs