Microsoft’s IE 9 Preview 3

About 1/3 of people that check out this site use one form of Internet Explorer or another.  I have written more than a few times about the superiority in terms of speed and security you will find with Google Chrome or Firefox compared to any version of Internet Explorer.  But there still is a huge user base of IE users.  Businesses in particular are reluctant to upgrade their old versions of IE much less switch web browsers at all, even if it means more speed and productivity.  There are just too many issues with security for large corporations to seriously consider the switch.  I am currently using IE 7 at my job and it is SLOW.  Not to mention the new computers we received have less than adequate video cards in them, making it painful to load WebPages.  Basically the company I work for has too many other IT projects to consider an upgrade or a transition to another web browser.  Even if it would make everyone’s job a lot easier.

Although Chrome, Firefox and Opera have proven themselves to outrun Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s employees are no dummies.  Officially this platform is for developers who want to test drive the design and web development features of the browser.  It will sport a new JavaScript engine named Chakra, and include support for HTML5, DOM, SVG 1.1 and CSS3.  Ohh, and it will be faster than its predecessors.  And if you want to download the preview, you can do so here.  Here is a video showing the speed of fish?  Anyway it does not give Chrome a good shot at all, there are other factors to consider, and with most web pages, how many fucking fish will you be watching swim on a normal day wierdo?  

Looks like Google may have some catch up work to do…  But Chrome is still my web browser of choice.

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