New Slick 360’s Refuse to RROD

What could be scarier to a gamer than being in the middle of a very important mission that is of highest priority, a mission that tops the National Security list?  Who is going to save the day if your 360 gets the dreaded Red Ring Of Death (RROD)?  NO ONE>>>> OMG>.,@#$#@ WTF.  I’m just saying it can be a scary situation for everyone involved.  The RROD signals hardware failure, and can ruin any gamers session in a flash.  Microsoft does cover the RROD for up to 3 years as opposed to the standard 1 year warranty for other flaws though.

And you may wonder, wtf is the RROD.  It is basically when the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit, aka Graphics Card) within your 360 has overheated.  The anti-RROD for the new 360 is simply a byproduct of the unit not having a red LED, that’s all.  Sorry to get your hopes up, but one idea.  Since the RROD is an overheating issue what I have been doing (for games I spend a considerable amount of time playing) is to install the game to the Hard Drive.  You will still be required to insert the original disk to play the game you want, but it will not be spinning at 5000rpm or whatever speed it spins at, thus lowering the heat generated from your 360 and lowering the chances of the RROD.  Ohh and the new units do not support the old Hard Drives.  Dropped the ball on that one, didn’t you Microsoft.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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