Open Air PC Cases

Do you want to show off your innards?  I already do, and I don’t care if they get dusty.  Really though, AskTech Co. is producing a line of computer cases that shows off all the hardware inside.  Some of you might be embarrassed if other were to see your hardware, if that’s the case then it might be time for an upgrade.  This type of case (if it really can be considered that) is geared toward the user in mind that is keen on “open-air testing”.

The PSU is under the unit, looking down on the units and the MOBO and, CPU, RAM and Video/Sound Cards are slanted towards the viewer.  The name of the unit will be the NK-OC450A (so creative) and are being advertised as testing platforms, so I bet overclockers and people that like to frequently swap out parts in their rigs will be delighted.  The price is low, @ $50.00 but has not yet been released in the States.  Soon coming I’m guessing.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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