Poor IP Addresses (Hurt Locker Crap)

I mentioned that the producers of The Hurt Locker were going to be suing 10,000 “IP Addresses” aka actual people for torrenting their movie.  I was worried at the time about receiving a letter myself, then later discovered I had rented it at a Red Box, bless my lucky stars. Anyway, now 700 IP addresses have been put forth as evidence in our very own D.C. District Court in a lawsuit against BitTorrent users who downloaded/shared the film from the last week of April until the first week of May.  The studio is requesting the identities behind the IP addresses be made public.  Just that implication alone pisses me off.  It does not factor ghost IP addresses, unauthorized users or just bad info.  Let’s face it, were talking about technology and the Internet.  This is not DNA linking a pubic hair to a rape/murder case.  It could even be a friend/kid/acquaintance/IT guy/internet stealing neighbor that is the guilty one.  And how much does a DVD cost?  And what is the fine for stealing a DVD in a store and getting caught?  Is the $2,500 that the producers are asking in settlement for fair?  Not even close.  This is a blatant money grab from the studio in an effort to say, “Hey fuc****, we need more money and want to piss off millions of potential future customers.”

ISP’s need to stand up for their customers and protect our identities, they can only do so much though, if they are “ordered” by the court they will have to comply.  There is one bright spot; Time Warner Cable did refuse to disclose the identities of their customers associated with the dirty IP addresses.  It’s strange to actually see a big company give a crap about their customers.  After all, without the customers, what is the company?…non-existent.

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