Top 10 Games for Summer 2010 (New 69’ aka New Summer of Love)

Wondering what games are coming out this summer that might turn your crank?  Here’s a top 10 list, because everyone loves a list so they can rip it apart and rebuild it, so let’s hear it…

10:  Brink – Another average/above average FPS?  Could be, but this game has an edgy look that reminds me of the cool visual elements of Borderlands (not so cartoonish though).  You can be the resistance or security while gaming though the single player missions using SMART.  SMART is a unique game play system where you look at your destination, tap a button and your character dives, leaps and sprints to your destination.  Sounds interesting…  The release date for Brink will be on the 7th of September.

9:  Mafia II – Let’s see, this could be one that collects dust in the digital library…or one that will surprise.  There is really no way to know. But the lure of the 1911 and Thompson’s is strong.  This will be released for the PC, PS3 and the 360 on August 24th.

8:  All Points Bulletin – This is an EA game that uses the Unreal Engine (3) and will be released on PC only for the 29th of June in North America.  All Points Bulletin will be an MMO that features 2 sides facing off, either the Enforcers or Criminals.  Its cool this is only going to be released for PC and looks like it has the chance of becoming a sweet multiplayer game.

7:  Crackdown 2 – This game is set for release in North America on the 6th of July and is a 3rd person shooter that Microsoft Game Studios is publishing only for the Xbox 360.  This is basically a futuristic cop in an open world environment out to stop crime.  Superpowers will be the “cool” factor of this game.  The multiplayer may not be much to brag about but the single player has the potential to rock.

6:  Dead Rising 2 – Smash/Burn/Slay zombies.  There can never be enough zombies to kill and decimate in the virtual world, no matter if you like the Resident Evil’s or the LFD series.  Dead Rising 2 will bring us the good old smash and grab and give us new zombies and goons to destroy.  Ohh, by the way, anything you can pick up can be used as a weapon…giggidy.

5:  Singularity – What do you get when you mix the creators of Wolfenstien; a Russian experiment lab set in the 1950’s, an obscure island, and lots and lots of radiation?  Singularity.  The main character, Nate Renko is a pilot that crash lands on the island to investigate the unusual amount of radiation coming from the place.  He is trying to find his co-pilot and escape while having time shift on him between 1950 and 2010, fighting Russian forces from both time periods and other “rarities”.  This looks pretty cool, and with the guys from Wolfenstien behind the scenes, this could be a keeper.  This one will be released on the PC, 360 and the PS3 on the 29th of June.  Trailer for this one makes me too excited.

4:  Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – I’m getting this one for sure.  These two baddies are at it again on the 24th of August and will be dropping the F bomb and will be kickin’ names and taking ass along the way, lol.  The new multiplayer cop and robber mode looks especially sweet.  These vulgar bastards will be on my PC (360 or PS3) screen on the 24th : )

3:  StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – It’s about f’n time.  This long anticipated sequel is set for release on the 27th of July, if not delayed again. I mean geez; it’s only 12 years after the original release.  But I’m sure they will hit the nail on the head with this one.  Will you be the Terrans, the Zerg or the Protoss?  The choice is yours.  Another PC exclusive, nice…

2:  L.A. Noire – This is a must have from Rockstar Games that will be released for the PS3 and the 360.  This is an action/mystery game that will be set in LA (Los Angeles, California) in the 1940’s.  You will be a detective that will be tasked with solving a series of murders in LA.  The title comes from the movie Noir that had strong themes of sex, crime and moral ambiguity, the three elements of videogame coolness.  Complete with a jazz soundtrack (make that 4) and over 20 hours of audio.  So get ready for another in-depth winner from everyone’s favorite Rockstar.  Ohh the date… that would September 1st.

1:  Halo Reach – Get it or get off.  Release date is set for the 14th of September and this will be at the top of my wish list.  The Multiplayer Beta was a hit (over 2.7 million players), and Halo has never disappointed me before, so why now?  Reach tops all of the above for me, for one single factor…replayability.  I’m sure the single player will rock as they all do, but make sure you play the single player 1st before you get into the multiplayer or you may never go back and beat the single player missions.  Get on board for this one, its going to be an addicting fun ride.

Well, there should be enough upcoming games this summer to keep you occupied.  I know I will be fitting in at least 2 or 3 of these on top of the already addicting Bad Co 2, COD MW2 and good old CS: CZ and Source…  Game On.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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