Alien Swarm: Source…FREE

I LOVE Valve.  They continue to be the best in my book.  Not just because they are releasing this game for free starting Today (Monday, July 19th) and not because they released Portal for free a couple of months ago (sorry, free Portal has expired).  And defiantly not because they have at least one smoking hot deal a week (They Developed Steam) showcasing an amazing game for next to nothing.  But the true reason I love Valve/Steam is because they know what their customers want, and they deliver the goods.  Just a few things gamers should demand are gaming on dedicated servers, as well as no monthly fee to use their service.

And besides Alien Swarm: Source, Valve will be releasing the ENTIRE source code for Alien Swarm in an effort to give developers, “more insight and examples for using Steam Works in game production.”

Alien Swarm originally was a MOD for Unreal Tournament 2004 and was released by Black Cat Games, and now will be re-released with hopefully a fresh breath of air added.  Did I mention I love Valve?  Make sure you head to Steam to get your copy of Alien Swarm today….FREE.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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