Giggdy Giggdy Google

Back in February of this year Google announced their plan to run high speed fiber lines to a lucky community, giving them 1GB fiber internet.  Speed for the masses.  When the announcement was made people started loosing their minds.  Communities rallied, mayors even changed their cities names.

People were so nuts to receive Google’s life juice that over 1,100 communities and 200,000 individuals responded to Google’s call to become their playground for high speed goodness.
The “special” community that will receive Google’s Fiber still has not been announced as of yet.  They have set up a website just for this purpose, Google Fiber For Communities.

So yes, this may mean you girlfiend can stream Netflix, your sister can watch YouTube and you can Game Online all at the same time without any lag.  Sign me up please asap.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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