Hurt Locker Lawsuit Fail Sauce

As I mentioned here the produces from The Hurt Locker sued 5,000 “IP” addresses that downloaded their movie.  They of course offered a pay out to avoid costly and lengthy litigation, and with just writing a few thousand threatening letters put themselves in a position to extort millions of dollars out of file sharers and potential customers.  Now did they sue potential customer just to make a buck or to send a message to the file sharing community that file sharing is wrong?  I’ll take $ for 500 Alex.  The lawsuit rolled out back in May; let’s take a look at how the suit has discouraged people from downloading their movie.

“In June, the film was downloaded little over 200,000 times, which puts it in the top 25 of most downloaded movies last month. Considering that the film has been available on BitTorrent for more than a year already, this high download number is quite an achievement and only a few percent less than the previous month.”

Money and Greed wins again.  Does the continued number of downloads show a user group revolting against Big Brother, or just unaware chaps.  I’ll take the later.  Back in March I was a bit worried that I may receive a nasty letter in the mail myself.  Then I asked my wife if we rented that movie or if I downloaded it.  She told me we rented it from a Red Box.  I then sighed in relief.  Then just a week ago I was looking though some unused files on my computer and found… The Hurt Locker.  Since I had not received a letter I was not worried, but found it humorous that I had downloaded the movie to watch it, but one a Saturday night I rented it anyway just because of the convince at the time.  And they wanted to shaft possibly paying customers?  They can go f*** themselves a thousand times over with a rusty pole.

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Airborne Gamer
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