Microsoft’s Elite Squad “Anti-Eye-Patch”

Microsoft has spent lots of money and many hours hot on the tail of shay distributors.  According to Microsoft a “shady” distributor is someone that distributes their software while wearing shades aka sunglasses or an eye-patch.  If you believed that last statement you may want to consider applying for a job with Microsoft ASAP.  In reality though, Microsoft knows that people pirate and illegally distribute their software.  You can find distribution centers cloaked cleverly as sidewalk stands in many 3rd world countries.

Microsoft’s main crime lab is based out of Dublin, not the USA.  It would be too inconvenient for Bill and his cronies to follow the laws of his own country.  So what better way to combat counterfeiting then out of a European base?  They should move their main office to Mexico City and then go from there.

On the crack team there have a staff of 75 investigators, lawyers and analysts, many with Mafia ties, well police ties in dealing with the mafia.  It is estimated that counterfeit software costs the software industry around $10 billion a year.  A figure which is complete BS and backed by little to no facts at all.

One notable success from the group was the shutdown (aka relocation) of a Chinese operation that had already generated over $2 billion in Microsoft products.  It was unreported, but I’m sure all the offenders had one eye and wore an eye patch.

The large shady groups are not that easy to shut down though.  As Robert Holleyman, CEO of Alliance states, “Once you crack down on one group, it can crop up elsewhere, but you need to crack down–otherwise a small break in the dam will become a gusher.”

Please help avoid the inevitable gusher by not supporting Chinese copyright infringement.  The source of this story can be credited to BusinessWeek.

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