ATI Brand No More (So What)

AMD purchased ATI 4 years ago and many of you may have either an AMD processor or ATI GPU in your tower as you are reading this.  AMD has decided now is as good as any time to drop the ATI name and merge it with the existing AMD name.  The Radeon and FirePro names will stick around though.

This really means nothing to me, but the boys at AMD are pretty psyched about the whole thing, here are some graphics and stats to prove it…

(In the last Pic)  Who the F games like this, maybe AMD needs to do a bit more market research to find out that the majority of gamers do not rest their keyboards on their lap in a fully lit room while sitting on a wooden stool to get their game on.  Ohh, and is everything wireless in this image, or are they really trying that hard to f*** with me.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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