GPU Kingpins (Nvidia & ATI)

Nvidia has long been the industry leader when it comes to Graphic Cards; they have given customers power and speed at an affordable price.  But there is this Dark Horse, this looming presence, this other company that knows how to make GPU’s and other computer hardware, and knows even better what customers want; speed, power and a cheaper Graphic Card than Nvidia offers.

ATI has recently passed Nvidia in GPU sales for the first time ever.  This last finical quarter (Q2) ATI has proven the skeptics wrong and pulled ahead.  Do not be fooled, DirectX 11 is the future, and ATI gave gamers a glimpse of the future months before Nvidia released its long awaited over priced Fermi.

Mercury Research shows that “For the first time in four years, AMD has taken control of the discrete graphics market from Nvidia, with 51.1% market share, up 10.4 points from Q2 2009. In that same period, Nvidia lost 10.4 points.”

“In the lucrative Desktop discrete market, AMD gained 11 points in the year, standing at 44.5% market share. This was a direct loss for Nvidia, who fell 10.9 points in the same period.”

In the fast growing mobile discrete market, AMD gained another 2.4 points, now standing at 56.3% market share.”

What a wonderful mystery revealed.  If a company gives customer what they want at a price that is fair, they will be successful, advance in the industry and make their supporters/customers happy.  I wish more companies would follow ATI’s lead, with GPU’s and CPU’s.  Did I mention my next Graphics Card will be an ATI DX11 Card.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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