Getting Bored of Halo 3? Here’s Some Forged Map Madness For You (How To)

Halo Reach will be coming out soon enough, but until it does, there’s still the epic Halo 3. If you are getting a bit tired of the same old multiplayer maps, there are plenty of Forged maps out there to keep you and your friends busy for a while.  You can do like some noobs do (Albert) and snoop through everyones file share you play with to get your hands on new maps, or you can do it the hardcore gamers way, which I will explain below…

Simple Instructions to Get the BEST Forged Maps Online to your XBox 360 File Share:

  1. Go to FORGEHUB, bookmark the site and check it out.  They have great maps you can download to your Xbox 360.  Also has tons of great map and game variants you can download from them as well.
  2. Select a MAP from FORGEHUB you want on your FileShare.  To start click on the left hand side of the site the Menu Titled “Latest Featured Maps”
  3. Select a Map (Campgrounds for Example…currently 1st Map under “Latest Featured Maps”)
  4. Scroll Down to below the screenshots and click on “Download Campgrounds” Or whatever Map your Downloading.
  5. ****You may receive a message here that you need to link a Bungie Acct to your Xbox Live Acct.
  6. This may be the tricky part for some of you…Just click on the links provided in the pop up error message.  You will NEED to register with Bugie and possibly login with your Xbox Live.  Like I said, just follow the instructions in the pop-up error message, and you should be fine.
  7. Then after you have registered on Bungie and have your Xbox Live Acct linked to, you can head back to ForgeHub and download any Forged Map you want directly to your FileShare.  Don’t forget you need to “Download to Halo 3” to be able to play the map and as well can “Copy to my file share” to share the map.  If you just copy to your file share you may have a hard time trying to figure out how to play the damn thing, trust me.  Easy enough, Right?

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Let me know in the Comments if You have any problems with this process or if you want what your Favorite Halo 3 Forged Maps are.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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