Halo Reach: Literal Trailer (You know you Want IT)

This is quite funny.  If you are looking forward to Halo: Reach like 3/4 of the gaming world then this may make your day.  The mastermind behind this literal trailer is Tobuscus, and he deserves props for what he has accomplished here.  Not like he deserves an award or anything and  I’m kind of blowing this out of proportion a bit.  Let’s just say the video is entertaining.  Enjoy.

***apparently Toby is too good to share his videos with the world anywhere except his site.  The video is funny and you can still click on his link to check it out…if you want.  This type of DRM and Copyright shit pisses me off, this f***er needs a reality check.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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