Steam Sheds Light on our Innermost Desires

Steam has recently released results showing their users most common hardware and software.  The stats are interesting to say the least.  And I cannot deny that I fall in to the “majority” in many of these categories.

I know in my heart that Steam is amazing; I just hope that this data does not go against gamers in any way in the future.  For example, a Douche of a Company like Ubisoft may require Steam to ban accounts that have a File Sharing program installed on their computer, such as uTorrent, or BitTorrent.  Or requiring users to have a program similar to punkbuster or a more intrusive version of VAC installed to verify all the software is legit on their machines or they will not be allowed to play on Steam servers.

Steam is a company that likes to make money; they are also a company that truly cares about their gamers, unlike some other well known companies out there (Activision, Ubisoft).  Thy give us amazing and timeless games at amazing prices.  Let’s just pray to the gaming gods that they do not make a pact with the devil and screw over their loyal fanboys & girls for their bottom line.

The survey was a voluntary survey conducted with the permission of Steam users.  Participation was optional and anonymous.  Now let’s look at some of their findings.


The majority of systems are still running Windows XP 32 bit (32.73%) while only 12.42% of systems are running Windows 7.

As show below Intel has about 3/4 of the share of CPU space in our Towers.

The most popular video card is the ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series at 7.21% followed by Nvidia’s GeForce 8800 at 5.99% of the share.

72.90% of users have a microphone and the Russian language takes 2nd place at 9.88% behind English at 58.94% of users polled.

And as you can see about 8% of gamers feel the need to have 8GB of RAM or more on their machines.

And a surprising 15.57% of users have an internet connection speed of 10Mbs or greater where 32.85% have an average speed of 2Mbs.


Let it be know that 100% of users polled had Steam installed on their PC, good to know.

The 2nd most installed piece of software on PC’s was Adobe Flash Player while Firefox was in 4th place with 63.05% of users sporting this web browser.

iTunes was installed on 30.73% of systems and uTorrent was next on the list taking up space on 29.41% of systems (including mine).

The next 2 most popular web browsers were IE which took up 19.82% of hard drives and Google’s famed Chrome which took up residence in 11.56% of towers.

Interesting, very interesting.  Reminds me I may need to upgrade my video card soon.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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