TorrentReactor Buys Russian Town; Renames City and provides Free Internet for ALL.

What a happy day for my distant relatives living in the Mother Land.  The residents of the city formerly know as Gar, now renamed, TorrentReactor, are now able to game online with minimal lag and torrent the S*** out or whatever they want without worrying about their local ISP blocking their internet access.  But they also have to sleep every night with the nagging truth that their town was bought by a company for $148,000.  I’m just surprised Microsoft didn’t jump on the bandwagon first and turn the place into their very own Russian sweatshop.

The humble villagers of Gar, uhh I mean TorrentReactor make only an average annual wage of $42 a year, most are farmers and the total population tops out at 214 residents.  The money used to buy the village will go toward repair and upkeep of the town, local schools, and will be surprisingly also be split between the villagers.

However there are only 3 known PC’s in the village.  2 in the school library and one in the administration office and the one in the admin office sports a speedy dial-up connection.  On top of the $148K TorrentReactor will pay to deliver broadband internet service to the city as well.

God bless TorrentReactor and may the city live to breed a new generation of Russian gamers.  Full story from the horses mouth (link taken down for some reason : ( )

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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