Halo Reached Into My Heart and Made Special Sauce (Stats Too)

I am still battling through the Single Player of Halo Reach on Legendary.  Earlier today I spent over 45 minutes getting through one checkpoint and killing these pesky SOB’s with green laser rifles that like to hit me in the chest when I am focused on another enemy.  I have spent just as much time playing Multiplayer as I have the Single Player.  Let me just say this.  Halo Reach is the Best Halo game to date.  And to me the best multiplayer experience that Xbox Live has to offer.  Hands Down.  The reviews from “bigger” sites that got their copies a week before the official release and tore through the campaign gave the game glowing reviews.  And they have it right.

If you don’t have Reach yet, now may be the time.  If you ever loved Halo, you will not regret it.  Now let me drop some numbers.  Reach has given gamers over 31 million distinct games to date.  One week after the release.  Since last Friday (09-17-2010) more than 1,375 YEARS have been piled up playing the Single Player Campaign and more than 963 YEARS in Matchmaking. 

I still wish they had dedicated servers, but ohh well.

Halo Reach has already passed Halo 3 with having more than 700,000 users gaming online at a single time.  Wow.  And although I have not even looked into file sharing yet, there has been more than 850,000 files downloaded more than 4.6 million times since Halo Reach’s release.  Wow again.

The game is a hit no doubt.  And Bungie deserves it, they put together a masterpiece.  I am already looking forward to what their next project may be.  But as far as Halo, they went out with a Bang, and will not be soon forgotten.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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