National STEM Video Game Challenge

Thank you President Obama.  For not only have you inspired many people in this country that thing will get better, (Republicans bitch here).  But you have now given gamers and developers a challenge that will not only reward them personally, but could provide the tools necessary for our country to continue to move forward in the math and science departments.  Yeah!

The National STEM Video Game Challenge was inspired by Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” campaign.  The program is pushing for math and the sciences.  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) hopes to tap our new national pastime of Gaming.  The STEM program offers 2 prizes, one for youth and one for developers.

The Developer Prize challenges emerging and experienced game developers to design mobile games, including Fg games for the mobile Web, for young children (grades pre-K through 4) that teach key STEM concepts and foster an interest in STEM subject areas.

The Youth Prize engages middle school students (grades 5 through 8 ) in STEM learning by challenging them to design original video games. The Youth Prize design challenge will be open to middle school students from any U.S. school with a special emphasis on reaching students in underserved urban and rural communities.

And the Prizes for Developers will be:

  • A pool of $100K in seed money for the refinement, research, marketing, and distribution of their game
  • Research: The Cooney Center research team will work with the winners to identify potential scalable outcomes of the submission
  • Expertise: Additional advice will be offered from experts who are skilled in video game and mobile R&D
  • Publicity: Recognition in press, online channels, and select publications
  • Networking: Winners will be invited to participate in the next Cooney Center Leadership Forum in March 2011, and have access to the Center’s multi-disciplinary network of experts in digital media and learning

And here is the lowdown on the “youth” prizes.

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