More Knowledge About WOW Then Developers, wow.

This kid has a valid point, the only problem is that no one in the whole room knows what the f*** he is talking about, specifically the developers of World of Warcraft.  But it would be amazing if they could fix the story inconsistencies between the Wrath of the Lynch King and The Shattering.  Jeez Louise, you think this would not be an oversight by WOW developers, I mean come on, maybe they need to hire this kid to assist their writers so there are no more mistakes in any future World of Warcraft games or publications.  Then everyone could sleep better at night.  Ohh and STOP MAKING FUN OF FAT PEOPLE WHO PLAY WOW!  lol.

Ohh yea, and I love America too, lol.  Holy Jumpin Fucking Shit Ballz. lol.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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