Fisto the Robot “Please Assume the Position”

Here is a thunk I just thought.  I would like to every now and then feature a character from video games that have touched us all in a very special way.  And what better way to kick off “Character Bio” than with Fisto the Robot.  The beloved robot from Fallout: New Vegas.  And as his name implies, he is a robot that goes by the name Fisto.

Some of Fisto’s classic lines include:

“Fisto reporting for duty.”

“Please assume the position”

“I suppose I should test you out”

“Servos active!”

“Nubmbess will subside in several minutes.”

“Greetings.  Fisto is programmed to please.”

And our friend and neighbor the ESRB has some wonderful things to say about Fisto as well and his place within the Fallout: New Vegas story when explaining everything obscene with New Vegas.

“there is also an extended sequence suggesting (no depiction) sexual activity with a robot.”

That’s our good buddy Fisto they are talking about!  So where can you go to find our friend and esteemed colleague Fisto?  Or, in other words….

Where the F*** is Fisto?

The video will soon make it all too clear…

Completed: Recruit a sexbot!  Job well done son, very well done!

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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