GameStop Gets Feet Wet in Digital Market

GameStop, many gamers favorite game store is going to be getting in on the digital video game market.  But if you visit your local GameStop you may notice something about their selection.  IT SERIOUSLY LACKS A PC GAMING SECTION.  They have walls and walls of new and use PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii games, and one measly little stand in the corner with PC games.  Looking lonely in the corner of GameStop, PC games may feel neglected, but that does not mean GameStop will not offer digital versions of PC video games in the future.  But for now, they’ll stick to what they know, consoles.

For gamers who want to get their Halo: Reach Noble Map pack early, and want to get it online, they will get a reward from GameStop.  With their first “pre-order exclusive bonus item” game stop will offer customers the Mark V Spartan Flaming Helmet.  WOW, I want my damn flaming helmet; at least they are not only offering it to flamers.

The Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack will be available to play on the 30th of November and will run you $10.00.

And I’m just glad Bungie is not offering this DLC at the ridiculous price of $15.00 that Activision seems to be comfortable with.

But the point is that GameStop, a physical store, is dabbling in the digital market, which only makes sense.  I say the more the merrier.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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