The Give and Get Sale from Steam

I feel like I am talking about Steam way too much lately.  But they are doing something so cool today I just cain’t resist.  They are offering some great games at some crazy low prices over the Thanksgiving holiday and they are running the Give and Get Sale.  If you haven’t already, log onto Steam, click on “Make a wishlist now!” and add at least 5 (Update** you need 10 games in your wishlist to be eligible!!!!) of the top games you desire.  Because everyday for the next 6 days, Steam will buy 30 people their top 5 games on their wishlist!  NICE!  Thats 180 gamers that will each get their top 5 picks, or a total of 900 games that will be given out!  Like I said, fill up your wish list ASAP, you never know.

And besides the cool offering of free games to gamers, Steam is offering, once again, amazingly low prices on some classic games. For example, Counter Strike: Source is only $5.00. Borderlands is only $9.99.  And Prototype is only $14.99.  So head to the Steam Store and check this pre-Turkey madness out!

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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