Kinect (Project Natal) Is Out And I Don’t Give a S***

Although Kinect is revolutionary in the way we interact with video games, I could really not care less at this point.  I’ve seen gamers playing Kinect, and to tell the truth it does look fun.  I’m sure I would have fun playing this with my wife or brother or a friend (or future child).  But how often would that happen?  This might go on for a couple of times a week for the first month or so, then a lot less frequently.  Like once a month or even less.

So, besides the fact that Kinect is gaming hardware that is an addition to the Xbox 360 and geared specifically for families and single mothers, I cannot justify buying one of these things…yet.  Because the main titles released for Kinect (Project Natal) are geared towards exercise and “fluffy family friendly” that does not mean that in the future there will be titles that will interest me.  But there is one major drawback with this thing that is inherent in its design.  You have to move more than your fingers and eyeballs.  That alone is a little off-putting for me.

While Kinect/Wii is great for little kids who are fat and never go outside or single mothers who want to get in shape.  It really is not that appealing to me, yet.  So once we start seeing some more mature games for the Kinect coming our way, then I may look at picking up one of these marvels of gaming technology.  But until that time, I’ll stick with my favorite type of game, one that does not require body movement.

Different strokes for different folks : )

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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