Metal Gear Solid: Rising

If you’re looking forward to cutting up s*** in Metal Gear Solid Rising, then sadly you will have to wait until 2012.  If you’re a Metal Gear fan, the wait may seem unbearable, but your patience will pay of young padawan, ohh yes, it will.  So to help you keep sane while waiting for the intense precision cutting action that will be Metal Gear Solid: Rising, here is the lowdown.

The game will be released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and, surprisingly the PC.  You will play as Raiden, the protagonist from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.  And this newest installment of Metal Gear Solid also promises to be faster paced than previous releases.  To drive this home, previous titles were labeled as Tactical Espionage Action, where as Rising is labeled as Action-Adventure, Stealth, and instead of waiting stealth, Raiden will be in hunting stealth mode this time around.

The coolest feature about Rising will be its “cut and take” system of fighting.  This allows players to…well…cut (limbs, body parts, and other cool shit) and take (body parts, health, weapons and intel).  Hence the name, cut and take, pretty self explanatory actually.  To use the cut and take style of game play you will be able to use bullet time (pausing time) and the most intriguing free slicing mode.

The director of Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Mineshi Kimura states that Rising will carry on the series tradition of presenting situations that allow players to complete missions and objectives without killing a single enemy.  This is a very interesting aspect of Rising that sets it apart from many other games out there.  Kimura states that there is a moral difference between killing machines and human beings and in Rising gamers will be able to disable rather than kill their opponents and obtain a sort of “gaming virtue” in the process.  And to tie into this theme, the game will NOT reward gamers for killing other humans, and gamers will never be forced to do such…Cool.

Now a little into the story.  Metal Gear Solid: Rising will focus on events that made Raiden who he is, and how he became transformed into the cyborg ninja that he is.  Rising may also highlight and delve into Raiden’s childhood and his time as a child soldier.  The story will also be less complicated than previous titles and will give new gamers and old friends alike a great playing experience.

The game will also not be running of the MGS4 engine, but rather a new graphics/physics engine.  And on the PS3 it will be delivered in 3D!!! Sounds amazing to me, precision cutting in 3D!

So if your down with Metal Gear Solid and are looking forward to Rising, then I hope the above article wet your appetite for some more stealth slicing action : )

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