Games, Games, Games, Real Life?

One of these is not like the other.  Wonder which one it could be? So, let me be honest, games are a major part of my life, and have been since my early years of waddling in my own waste.  I got a kick outta playing in a muddy puddle of rain water outside when my friends were not around.  I used to ride my bike and pretend I was a motorcycle Dare-Devil or Superman, letting go of my handlebars and soaring through the air.  Those are great memories and experiences I had as a kid.  But you know what??

I also remember staying up all night playing Mega Man with my best friend trying to beat a final level boss.  Or spending hours playing through Nintendo’s make believe fantasy world as Mario and popping shroms and Pimping Peach (that’s how it went down, right?)  Or playing duck hunt with a friggin toy that looked like a gun that I could point at the TV and make birds freaking die.

Do I regret either one of these experiences in my life?  Absolutely not.  Have they given me something that I deeply cherish?  Well, who wouldn’t cherish an abnormally strong immune system, a creative mind and a love of gaming?  You’d have to be crazy not to.

Games, games, games, real life.  Isn’t this how all our lives are.  We strive for that escape, whether getting smashed, stoned, gaming, movies, porn, drama, ect.  Whatever it is we have that need to break up our lives with something to give us a bit of peace and some damn entertainment.

So I am here to say: Game on Gamers, and keep the dream alive.  Sure there will be companies that will try to screw us over, they will try to steal from us and marry your sister for her dowry then divorce her, but we have the GAMER POWER.  If they are giving us something we don’t like or charging too much, don’t buy it.  If we feel that the games we are getting are shitty, then take a stand and revisit some of the classis for a few months.  No big deal.

Games truly are a part of my life.  Whether it be video games, watching the Celtics own the Lakers or a minor league hockey game, they deliver the goods.  The advantage to videogames is this….I am the friggin gamer, not merely a passive observer.

So what I’m saying is, cherish your early memories gamers.  Memories about Video Games, Mario, Dirty Puddles of Filth, being Superwoman, or whatever you’re into, cherish them hard.  Because you never know when the next World War is coming, then the games we play will be a lot less fun and a lot shittier.

Game on my friends, game on.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
Gaming is my medicine and writing is my drug. Is it making sense now? "WELCOME TO WARP ZONE!"

Gaming is also part of my life. I even made a website bout my hobby. Some poeple say I spend too much time on the computer but I don't think so . Some of my friends which are mostly just going to party & drink alchool think I should stop playing & doing thing on my computer . They think it's a waste of time. In september I'm starting school at my college. I chosen computer programming . I just love working with computers.