Games that Gave Hope in 2010

I will not bother with a top 10 list or whatever.  There are just too many of them out there, and many writers of those lists have not even played ½ of the games on the list.  Besides that, everywhere I go lately on the webz I see top 10 this and top 15 that.  So instead of making a top 10 list, I will deliver a list of games that did something special for me in 2010 (of course from games that I have played : ).  Let’s get it on (in no particular order).

BioShock 2 (single player):  I got this game for my birthday back in February of this year for the Xbox 360.  I could not get the damn game out of my mind.  It was way too addicting for a single player game.  I dug the fist BioShock a few years ago and loved the capability to have a weapon in one hand and a plasmid power in the other.  Based on the game-play and how compelling and friggin awesome the story was, BioShock 2 was my favorite single player game of 2010 by far.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (multiplayer):  Tanks, Apaches, Mines “Payback Mother F***er.  Bad Company 2 (and recently released Vietnam Expansion) is by far the best multiplayer game for the PC of the year in my eyes.  Destructible environments, squad based game-play, spawn system and wide open maps that encourage vehicles and mounted weapons.  Best time online gaming ever.

Halo: Reach (multiplayer): Halo: Reach is an amazing game.  The single player is quite fun and entertaining but the multiplayer is where Reach really shines.  Jet Packs, Armor Lockdown, Holograms and Invisibility…all with a new and improved Battle Rifle.  Halo Reach provides hours of entertainment through Xbox Live and will continue to be my favorite Online game for the Xbox 360 for quite a while.

Alien Swarm: This Free game from Valve game me hope, joy and special sauce in 2010.  Hope that game developers in the future truly see the value of gamers (customers) and are not afraid to deliver great games for FREE.  Joy because the game is a great time and squad based.  And special sauce because when you light up an Alien, they turn into green sauce.

Red Dead Redemption (single player):  Yeee Haaa.  This game is a blast.  Grand Theft Auto on horseback.  Red Dead Redemption is such a great RPG that can easily deliver 80+ hours of entertainment, without even connecting to the internet!  Skinning animals, hunting down bounties, hog tying people, being a fugitive, there is just so much here that Rockstar makes it hard to put this one down.  My favorite RPG of the year : )

Plants vs. Zombies: This was released on the PC in 2009, but not on Xbox Live until 2010, so I’ll still consider it.  Also I never played it until this year.  Plants vs. Zombies is a fun tower defense game.  Waves of zombie approach your house and you have to plant…plants to kill, block or eat the zombies.  To me this is my favorite tower defense game of the year.

So, there you have it, my list of games that really got to me in 2010.  I know there will be a whole new slew of game in 2011 that will turn my crank, but until that time Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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