Google Chrome OS (Operating System)

“But I thought that Microsoft owned ALL Operating Systems in the world?”  Guess not.  There is Linux as well, but who really cares about Linux?  And now Google’s very own OS…Chrome.  If you don’t already know Google basically looks at the world of technology and says, “That could be a lot faster”.  And you know what, they make their own (web browser, search engine, and now OS) and most of the time it is better and faster.

I am all for better and faster, and generally speaking I would like a notebook that can do what I like to do when I’m using a notebook/laptop.  Be friggin fast and not give me lip.  Anyway, I’ll let Google’s own videos do some of the explaining.  Fear for your life Microsoft, fear for it now : )

Google Chrome Notebook Sync
Google Chrome Notebook Connectivity

Google Chrome Notebook Security
Google Chrome Notebook Updates

Google Chrome Notebook Apps

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