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News 4 Gamers (N4G) is a website launched in May 2006 that allows gamers to come together to read and talk about games.  N4G also provides a unique opportunity for members to NAG each-other about why they thing their opinion is better than their fellow gamers opinion.  I’m not saying a difference of opinion is bad, as everyone has their own, but bashing people and articles is pretty common within the walls of N4G.

Let me say this, I use N4G to get my fix of gaming news that I cannot find on other sites.  I submit articles, approve and report article as well.  And it is bloody annoying to come across a COD: Black Ops game review 3 weeks after the game has come out and offers nothing new to anyone at all.

But keep this in mind.  N4G is not only a place for gamers to get news, articles and reviews about the latest and greatest, it also a place for gamers with their own website to get a shot at getting some recognition and traffic.  Case in point: AirborneGamer.com.

Naturally I like to have people read my articles and comment on them.  I like to know how many users visited my blog and who has registered.  And this is one of the major faults with N4G that many absent minded gamers fail to realize or care about.  Bear with me.  N4G provides links to articles for eager gamers.  Too often gamers read the headline, click on the link, look at the page for less than 10 seconds (literally) then head back to N4G and leave a whiny comment about the author or idea presented in the article they supposedly “read”.

The last article I had published on N4G was titled, “Top 10 Free PC Games of All Time“.  I offered my opinion about what I believe are the best Free PC games out there today.  The article rose to 150 degrees and brought 1,400 viewers to my website within a day’s time.  The average time a N4G user was on my website was 14 seconds and 93.13% of N4G users went directly back to N4G after viewing my site.  Pretty sad.

So the traffic can be good, but the vast majority of users literally run back to N4G before really reading anything at all.  By the way, if you’ve made it this far through the article, you are now in a select group of people who actually read stuff on the Internet, well played sir, well played.

Let’s look at the positives and negatives about N4G and its users:

N4G + 1

It’s on FIRE!!!!

N4G has a formula for determining how “hot” a piece becomes.  I’m sure this is based on views and comments on articles and news.  This is a really cool feature.  If you don’t have hours to sift through hundreds of articles, just look at the hottest ones.  Very nice feature indeed.

Lots of Shiz

N4G keeps a database of all past articles, so when users search through their database there is a good chance of them finding something that is interesting, or possibly something useful.

30, Flirty and Thriving

The N4G community is active and interesting.  There are tons of members and even more content.  This is one site that is thriving for sure.  I just hope the adds don’t end up bogging the site down like happens to so many big gaming sites.

N4G – 1

Wham Bam Thank You M’am

The majority of users just want to read a headline, look at the source, and then head back to N4G right away.  So, bounce rates for articles published on N4G are sad.

Whiny Gamers

Many discussions on N4G become a bash of an article.  Constructive comments are few and far between.  And often users comment on articles they have not read.  And I’m sure users will comment on this article without reading it as well : (

Their Terms of Use hurts my eyes.

Just look here.


I hope N4G does not become like Reddit.  All the chips are stacked against it and the ingredients are all there for N4G to become a place for angry kids that have nothing better to do than write negative comments about articles before even friggin reading the damn thing.  Or worse yet, personal insults.

So I just ask you fellow N4G users.  Don’t fail to recognize a good site when you see one, bookmark them and give them your love as well.  N4G is good, but it’s a directory to many other great things on the internet, not the source of goodness, only a host.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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I know this is an old article but I just wanted to say I completely agree with you on all points. I recently came across the site and noticed that in addition to what you have pointed out,the site also has a lot of "groups" of people who will approve and report articles competing with theirs. I recently had one "group" report my article for duplicate, even though it was posted around 10 hours before theirs? Somehow mine was the duplicate...