OnLive Gaming Getting Flat Rate (Trash Bin Games Inbound)

Much Like Netflix’s flat rate for ONLY streaming content (meaning a lot of selection, good movies and lots of crap too) OnLive will be offering something similar, PlayPack.  If you are unfamiliar HERE is the lowdown on OnLive.  OnLive is basically a company that allows people to play new hardware demanding games on their outdated computers (now also through their TV’s).  OnLive has the super-computers and games and streams the video of the game to your computer or TV.

So basically yes, you can play Crysis on your Grandmothers computer with OnLive.  But myself, being a man that likes to upgrade my computer every so often, I truly have no need for a service like this, as my computer eats high end games for lunch.  But for many gamers who have dismissed their computer as a gaming apparatus or do not own a next generation console, this type of service may be appealing to them.

My one gripe with OnLive is this….While it is slick that you just need to download the OnLive client to basically instantly play a full game, there is some lag.  Now I have a good internet connection and generally get around 40 – 60 ping on any server in the States while gaming (CS: Source, Battlefield Bad Company 2, ect) and basically leave any multiplayer situation where I can feel the lag, to me it just ruins the online gaming experience.  And when I tried out OnLive single player games, I did notice some lag as an ever so slight delay from my actions through my keyboard and mouse to what happened on my computer screen.  So keep that in mind.

Back to the original story.

OnLive will be offering a $9.99 a month flat fee to play many of their games, mostly older titles and indie games.  So NO, this service does not include new releases, sorry.  This Netflix type plan will be called PlayPack and will be available on the 15th of January.  But if you don’t have a computer that can “Run Crysis” then this could be a great deal for you.

You can also use OnLive through your TV like a streaming console as well.  The OnLive console and microcontroller will run you $99.99 on top of any games you may want.

Check out OnLive HERE if your interested in something like this : )

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