Steam’s Holiday Sale (1000′s of Games on Sale)

Literally thousands.  Steam is rocking out again this holiday season.  Christmas is just around the corner and Steam know what gamers want…GAMES, CHEAP GAMES.  Lets take a look at some of these bad boys that really stand out.  Right off the bat…Battlefield Bad Company 2….$6.79.  Really, get this if your computer can take the load it delivers (literally and figuratively).  Bad Company 2 is my favorite online multiplayer game of the year, no doubt.  Portal is 75% off at $3.74, so if you never really got the “cake” jokes, now’s your chance to finally get them.  Pick up Portal and then you’ll be like, “Ohh, now I get it.” Anyway, check out Steam and if your feeling the holiday spirit you can even gift your friends through Steam.  You can get to the Steam Store HERE.

Just a reminder Steam is running daily deals, so you need to check back, and check back often if you wanna get the best deals out there.  And if your truly looking to pick up a bunch of games for dirt cheap, there is always the Publishers Packs they are offering.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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