DDR4 RAM On the Horizon

RAM (Random Access Memroy) is essential to any computer.  There are many aspects RAM and I am by no means an expert.  Currently I have 4 Gigs of DDR3 6 CAS in my computer.  I would not mind taking out 2 of my 1 GIG sticks and replacing them with 2, 4 GIG sticks, giving me 10 GIGS or RAM Total.  But anyway…

Samsung has completed development of the industry’s 1st DDR4 DRAM module.  The chips can run from 1.6 up to 3.2 Gbps at 1.2 V.  This is 2x the current performance of 1.6 Gbps DDR3 that is on the market.  This is quite exciting to me being a computer junkie.  Hopefully the development of computer hardware continues full speed ahead into 2011.

In other news, the price of all RAM is on the decline.  If you are interested in upgrading the RAM on your computer, now may be a good time.  RAM prices are 50% less than they were 6 months ago.  Get it while it’s hot!

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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