John Marston – A Character Bio

If the name John Marston rings a bell for you then I know you probably got your hands on one of the best games of last year.  Red Dead Redemption, a classic open world western shot em’ up is a game that rocks hard on many levels.  I truly had more fun playing as John Marston last year than any other character I can think of.  He’s tough as nails, but also keen on doing the right thing.  He can tame horses, lasso fugitives and slaughter hundreds of Mexican Soldiers all before sundown.  Let’s take a look at the character of John Marston, and what makes him tick.

With a mother that was a prostitute and a dad that may have been her pimp, John Marston didn’t turn out half bad.  His mom died during childbirth and father when he was 8, Johnny boy was raised in an orphanage.  And when he reached the ripe old age of 17 decided to join Dutch van der Linde’s gang.  This is where things heat up.

Based on John’s own description of his gang’s activities, he rode with a somewhat noble crowd.  They stole from the rich and powerful to give to the needy, sick, and poor.  Sounds pretty high and mighty, even Robin Hood like to me.  Then one day everything went sour, Marston was shot down by his companions.  After this tragic turn of events poor old John decided to leave his life of crime and lead a more quite type life.  Then the government got involved.

The US federal government wanted John to do some wet work for them, like track down and kill his old gang members.  So they decide to take his wife and kid hostage from him until his task was complete.

And that my friends is the setting for the great and entertaining story that is Red Dead Redemption.  If you wanna know the rest of the story, you’ll have to play Red Dead Redemption and take on the West yourself.  You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it.

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